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Front Roll To Toeside

Front Roll To Toeside (inverted handle pass)

Ok, so you are skilled enough to make a normal front roll with a blindfold over your eyes, then this trick hopefully will give you a new challenge! Just follow these steps:

  1. Start on your heelside edge, elbows in.
  2. Through your front roll, but with more forward pop as if you are going to rotate over it.
  3. Once inverted let go with your backhand and start your rotation.
  4. Pass the handle into your new lead hand.
  5. Land on your toeside edge.
  6. set your edge and ride away.

front roll to toeside full size

Tips from the coach.

You are adding a 180, so give your self more forward pop to not under rotate.

You’ll be landing with your back hand on the bar, so watch that the kite doesn’t fly back the other way.

Handle to your hips, before you rotate.

Good luck!

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