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Unhooked, Front Roll To Blind

Unhooking and adding a revert to blind can spice up any trick and make you look like you have more game, even a simple front roll becomes something special once you spice it up.

Riding left to right, front foot forward with the kite above 45 degrees, trim the strap to unhook the bar, unhook and ride a short distance to check you have trim spot on.

To make lide easier and to gain an extra rotation time for the landing to blind, send the kite up a little as you pop from the water. Tuck your chin to your right shoulder and look behind you over your right shoulder as you pop to start the rotation.

Half way through the rotation, you should start to spot the landing by looking over your left shoulder. As you come in to land instead of letting the board follow your body round, take your right hand off the bar and swing your arm down towards the water, this will give you enough counter swing to stop your body rotation and land blind.

As you land, bend your knees to take the landing, keep your weight firmly centered over your feet. If you feeling up tp it you can ride out the trick with surfaced handlepass.

Good luck with this cool trick!

Front roll to blind unhooked

Tips! Make sure that you trim correctly to unhook before trying the trick. when landing blind lean forwards and towards your back foot, to help keep the edge.


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