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Sent Back Roll Indy Grab

Welcome to kitesurfingtrick.com. Our Endeavour is forever to come up with most excellent kite surfing tricks. Indy grab is an exceptional trick, which requires your both legs to be lifted thus this grab makes your back rolls feeling fresh. Riding boots are easy to reach and grab in this trick. Even if you are not riding shoes, the Indy is again the number 1 option to stretch your back and feel great with adventurous Indy moves.

Some of the basic rules and principles, which we have gathered in this article, are as below. This will allow you to do it with exact way with no harm to body.

1. The very first step and take off 

First in this trick rider comes in a resisting on a good edge heading firmly upwind with the kite at 11 or 1 o’clock position. Rider’s front leg is extended and pushed forward; hips are forced back towards the end of the board, shoulders are leaning back and rider’s back leg is bowed.


Image number – 1

Here is the first step and in this picture the rider resisted with good edge & sent the kite pretty hard from 11 o’clock so that the pull up will come early on. Now at reaching 12 o’clock position rider will stamp up on back leg in popping position and there pull the bar in. Rider pulls the bar in to stop the kite’s movement, avoiding it from going further back. Though rider has carved into this rotation, however rider hasn’t thrown head over front shoulder.

This would certainly aid you to obtain a smooth rotation righter than an unrestrained spin.

Image number – 2

Okay! Now on second step first extend then lift. You must position your body as soon as you depart from water, if you wait extra then further you will spin and the smaller amount of time you will have. Please remember, this also doesnfirst take off’t mean that you must be holding the board as soon as fins departs the water, however if you place your body in right position then grab will be trouble-free to obtain. Rider lifts both knees up and this helps with slowing the rotation down. Also you can’t toss your head around into the rotation if you are seeking a firm grab.

Image number – 3

 If you succeed in carrying you’re both knees right up into your chest height then the grab must be a child play for you. The blockages with the Indy are your control and the kite. Here the kite lifts you and strap up holds and you will be planning to aim the right for the middle of your board.Indy Grab image 03 Bring the board up towards your extended hand; please let your stomach and legs do the work here as you can’t bend down with such force. Permit your head & shoulder to rock back into a comfortable sitting position as your knees comes up. You can also observe here that the rider hasn’t rotated much since the last image. Rider is rotating slowly and is quick to get the board up.

Here, while seeking for the firm grabs keep your head between your shoulders and also keep the rotation slow. In this position you will use a large time keeping the bar pulled in with only your front hand, the kite will simply move from behind you to somewhat in front of you.

Image number – 4

 Hold it tight, once you get the grab. Slower your rotation & try to hold the grab as long as possible. Indy Grab image 04Enjoy it; it’s very cozy as you can also see that rider’s position in the air is almost the same as setting on beach. If you have sent the kite solid and frozen it above you while take off, you must be able to settle down and except you sense that kite dragging too far forward, oppose the enticement to look over your shoulder.

 Image number – 5

 In this position, If your rotation is controlled and the kite is not too far forward you can hold the grab until just before landing. You would eventually need to turn your head over your shoulder to make sure you complete 360 degree and perfecIndy Grab image 05t landing. Mark your landing and obtain the board pointing downwind.

When you discharge the grab, try to get both hands on the bar and provide it a good jump to aid you land downwind.


 Top Tips

  1. Always begin with some back rolls, focusing on the send, upward take off and slow rotation and after that start to take knees up and  roll back in your yoke.
  2.  If slow rotation is your problem, then try looming it as you would for a back roll transition, and also with low speed
  3.  you will see it much easier.
  4. Also have a close look to images

Common Problems

  1. If you are over rotating your back rolls, ensure that you don’t carve up exceptionally during your take off.
  2. You must go from the edge that you have approached with and then kick up and around.
  3. Ensure that you dive the kite for the landing as this will discontinue your revolution and pull you off down wind.
  4. Ensure your hands are centered on the bar and also keep in mind to send the kite and further it goes back, then it needs to return back. There would be a perfect balance as per kite’s size.



  1. Always send kite positively
  2. Lift knees and rock then get ready for the grab
  3. Fine solid edge with straight front leg & back leg resisting
  4. Pop up into the back roll
  5. Do turn your head and jump to accomplish rotation

Here is a video that shows how to spice up your back roll with an indy grab

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