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Backloop Handplant

Kiteloop with a back loop in which you simultaneously pull the hand through the water, is a trick for the audience: stunning, stylish and just something else. It is seen in many videos. We’ll tell you now how it works.


Back loops should not be a problem for you as well as kite loops. The trick works best if you also have a pleasant pressure in the kite. We suggest here a rather faster kite, a criterion now meet almost all kites on the market.


Drive at normal speed (not too slow). The speed you can then increase again with time to pull the hand through the water longer can. If you have a sliding stopper, use it. If not, grab the back hand about ten inches from the depowerloop (depending on the kite). Fly the kite high up.


Take your front hand on the bar and sit down at a slow back loop. Experiments as early as possible, the board up and the free hand to get it into the water. Throw your body a little bit more back than you would otherwise do with a back loop. As you pull the hand through the water, fly your kite at the zenith slowly backwards and carries you on a constant level. Be sure to depower, not, otherwise you will land soon in the water. When the kite is a bit behind the zenith, it is time to make the Kiteloop. Hit the bar and loop the kite through the top rear and as tight as possible. The Kiteloop will pull you up a piece, so you can finish your back loop and have enough height to get the board back under your feet.


It is important to keep the kite high up and looping the kite at the right time. If you aren’t coming out of the water after the kiteloop, then you may loop the kite to early. If the kiteloop should end in a violent pull, then you’re looping either too early or not tight enough.

Pop Back Loop

The pop backloop is often the first kite trick that kiters learn and once you master it you’ll be eager to learn more advanced tricks.

To perform this trick there are a few key points you must follow:

  1. Speed. You need speed or else the board will stop in the water when you edge hard upwind.
  2. To gain speed you’ll have to momentarily point your board downwind, just before you start edging upwind.
  3. You will be physically jumping up off a coiled back leg, whilst edging the board, corking yourself up and out of the water.
  4. You will not use the kite for a lift, so park your hands close together on the bar. This means that you’re sailing with kite at 11-11:30 or 12:30-13:00. Having the kite heigher will give you more lift.

So, you’re are mentally prepared and you’re ready to start the backloop pop. Now follow these steps.

  1. Ride upwind.
  2. Relax your legs, so that you’re not pushing the board away from you and kite downwind a few meters.
  3. Once you gained enough speed, start carving quick against the wind, up to almost 45 degrees across the wind.
  4. At this point push the board away from you with your legs and turn your shoulders back up the wind. This will initiate the rotation.
  5. Keep turning away from the kite and you’ll continue the rotation in the air and hopefully land nice after turning about 270 degrees (the first 45 degrees are performed with the board still in the water).
  6. That’s it.