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Kiteloop 900

Ok, I´m not going into details on this one, it would require a few pages of text probably… I assume that you already know how to make a Kite Loop.
What you have to do in order to perform the kiteloop 900 trick is to add a few thing…

1. Add a 360 rotation with a handle pass.
2. Add another 360 handle pass rotation.
3. Make a 180 rotation and land toeside.

Do these 3 moves while the kite is looping and you´ll end up doing a kiteloop 900!

From where do you get the 900? 360 + 360 + 180 = 900

The kiteloop can of course be made in variations. It´s probably a smart thing to start by doing a kiteloop 360, then a kiteloop 720 and so on… Havn’t yet seen anyone making a kiteloop 1080, but perhaps will Youri Zoon make one year 2012 or later. Here is he at least doing a kiteloop 900, watch and learn!

Back Loop From Toeside To Toeside

Back Loop From Toeside To Toeside

This is a nice trick similar to the Hooked Backroll but a little bit trickier. anyway, here’s how to perform it:

  1. Approach with decent speed, kite at 11 o’clock. Send the kite hard but short with your weight back and throw yourself up and around, lifting your right shoulder and turning your head.
  2. Half way around the backloop, keep the bar in and your knees up. Your kite should be redirected forward to give yourself some momentum and to prevent any uncontrollable spin.
  3. As you see the water downwind of you pull on your front hand to dive the kite down, which will stop your rotation.
  4. To be able to turn toeside keep your knees up.
  5. As you drop down turn your head to look forwards toward where you’d like to go.
  6. You can now bring your back leg up and through.
  7. As you do this drop your front shoulder and bring your hands and hips towards each other
  8. In preparation for the landing keep your front foot up and extend your back leg, aiming for a tail at first landing.
  9. To help with balance and to guarantee a decent toeside landing with speed, release your front hand which enables you to get some more weight forward.

Common problems

If you’re spinning under your kite and over rotating past toeside and then falling backwards. This is a sure sign that you have your kite too high. Bring the kite forward as soon as you take off and start to dive it down as soon as you can see you’ll land.

If you’re bouncing and stopping when you land. This means that you need either more forward speed and/or you need to get a bit more weight forward as you land. Once again taking off and landing with speed is key. And with the kite lower when you come down you’ll be able to pull yourself forwards on the bar for a balanced and trimmed landing.

Here is a video that shows a perfect Back Loop From Toeside To Toeside