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Kite Surfing Tricks

A kite surfer will never be satisfied by just surfing up and down the sea. As a beginner you will soon master the technique of going upwind in both directions and you’ll undoubtedly want to develop your skills to be able to make slide turns, ride toeside, be able to make a carving turn heelside to toeside turns without stopping and finally start to JUMP!

Once you are able to jump a whole new world is open for you! The number of tricks that one can perform in the air are almost unlimited, in fact it’s only you self that sets the limit. There are hundreds of tricks that already are “invented” but the oppurtunities to create your own tricks are vast!

KiteSurfingTrick.com is meant to be a free resource for everyone that wants to learn new kite tricks, get inspiration or to share your own tricks with others. To explain how to perform a trick with just words and a few pictures can be hard so don’t hesitate to ask questions with comment function or help other people to explain how to perform different kite tricks.

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