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Unhooked Railey

If you already master the hooked railey, then you might wanna go a bit more crazy and try the unhooked railey which basically is the same trick as the hooked railey, just one thing differ, guess what… =P

Anyway, to perform the unhooked railey, just follow these steps:

  1. Ride with speed and power.
  2. Make sure that your kite is tuned for unhooking, so that it does not back stall.
  3. Keep your kite at 45 degrees and your hands positioned in the middle of the bar.
  4. Unhook and keep your elbows bent.
  5. Edge hard and leap out off the water, try to throw your feet away from you, behind you and up at the sky.
  6. Once you are extending, then you can let your arms stretch out. When you feel yourself coming back pull your legs back underneath you.
  7. Spot your landing, bend your knees and point your board downwind.

click to view full image of the unhooked railey trick

Tips! Practice riding unhooked before you try to make unhooked tricks. Trim your kite for unhooking.

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