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Unhooked Railey To Toeside

The unhooked railey to toeside is a slightly modificated version of the original unhooked railey and the tricks look the same in an initial phase, but you must twist your body to be able to land on your toeside. Here comes the secret:

  1. As for all railey tricks, come into the trick with speed and power.
  2. As always when performing railey tricks, keep your kite at 45 and your hand in the middle of the bar.
  3. Edge hard, pop out off the water, throw your feet back away and up towards the sky, you know the drill =)
  4. Keep your head looking forward where you want to land.
  5. When you feel yourself start to come back down, pull your legs back underneath your body twisting from the waist to initiate the turn to land toeside.
  6. Spot your landing, bend your knees and point your board… yes, downwind is correct =)
  7. That’s all, if you didn’t crash just continue your ride.

click to view full image of the unhooked railey to toeside trick

Tips! As for all railey tricks, trim the kite for unhooking before you start the trick. Practice to ride unhooked if you havn’t done it before.

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