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Nuke Grab

The Nuke Grab requires a body that is a somewhat flexible. You don’t have to be a gymnast, but this trick might be a bit difficult if you carry on to much load in form of a beer belly… anyway, if you can reach your own toes, then you’re probably fine to perform this trick, just do as I say =)

  1. Come into the trick with moderate power and speed.
  2. Hold your kite at 45 degrees with your hands in the middle of the bar.
  3. Unhook, edge hard and pop off the water.
  4. Once you come off the water, bend your front knee as you twist your lower body.
  5. Bring front foot up to your body and grab the nose of your board with your back hand.
  6. Hold the grab and keep your head up while you look forward. This will extend your body upwards.
  7. As you start to come down release the grab and bend your knees.
  8. Land and ride away, that’s it!

Click to view full nuke grab image

Tips! Position the kite lower makes the grab easier. Don’t reach for the board, bring it up to you. Concentrate on twisting your lower body. This helps bring the board closer to you.

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