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Hooked Front Roll

The hooked front roll is harder to perform than the back roll. The trick is however quite simple compared to many others. Here is the steps you should follow to master this trick:

  1. Come into the trick with even speed and power.
  2. Keep your kite at 45 degrees and your hand in the middle of the bar.
  3. Jump off the water, once in the air, tuck your front shoulder and turn your head over your back shoulder.
  4. Keep your head turned in the direction of the spin.
  5. Once you see the water, bend your knees and spot your landing.
  6. Point the board downwind, land and ride away.

Click to view full image of the hooked front roll trick

Tips! keep your hands in the middle of the bar. Relax, don’t try to spin to hard. At first try sending the kite a little to get some lift.

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