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Airgybe to Toeside

The airgybe to toeside is a trick that makes turning much more fun. Instead of just stop and change direction, you jump and fly around in a U-turn.
When you do this trick come in with moderate speed, since it will be damn hard to take the landing in high speed. Keep the kite at 11:15 or 14:45 and to make sure that you come in with to much speed, carv hard up wind, so when you pop out of the water you fly up and not forward like in a normal jump.
Once airborn let the kite pull you upwards and keep the bar close to your hip. When you feel that you´re on your way down, steer the kite aggressively in the opposite direction at the same time as you rotate your hip. Spot your landing, point the board downwind. When you land carve upwind on your toeside edge, that’s it!

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